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Acrobat-Toffy handstand - Photo:
Acrobat-Toffy split - Photo:
Acrobat-Toffy aerial silks - Photo:
Acrobat-Toffy aerial silks single - Photo:
Acroyoga Inversion


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Acrobat, Aerial Rope artist & Circus Producer (based in London & EU)

Acrobats Toffy’s art imitates his life. He created and performed his first acrobatics show, “A’dam: New Beginnings (2019),” when he started a new chapter pursuing his dream of becoming a full-time acrobat. The show inspired his friends, family, and community to come together to send him off to NCCA), where he will earned his Foundation Degree in Circus Arts (2021), specializing in Aerial Silks and Aerial Rope.

Toffy has performed throughout the world, including French Acrobatic Convention (Duo Acrobatics Act); Airborne Arts (“Love is life dancing”); and Stichting Stapel (Acrobatics student show).