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Sticky Toffy - Aerial Grip Spray ( Travel Size - 20ml)

Sticky Toffy - Aerial Grip Spray ( Travel Size - 20ml)

Tired of loosing your grip on your aerial equipment?


We're designed this product especially for aerial performer (works on any equipment: silks, rope, lyra, chines pole and even handstand blocks). 


It's special formula has been designed & tested by mulitple cirucs professionals, to ensure best gripping enhancing qualities.


Application tip: Spritz one or two time on hands, rub the hands until dry and little bit sticky. If you don't wait until it's dry it will can leave stains and does not work as expected. 


Grip spray is not a replacment for grip strength it only helps to increase friction to the equipment to help connection to it. 


Ingredients: 99% Alcohol, Pink Natural Pine Rosin, Parfume Oil

    VAT Included
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